Aug 11
Last Updated on 02 November 2012



The establishment of the village of Patrika is probably dated on the year 1050, according to travelers and historians' references. Its origin seems to be a family from Kalamoti, who decided to leave their home village and look for a better area.

They finally built a tower on the top of a hill that even today still can be seen in the village. The village back in the time was another of the castle-villages that was customary during that period. The houses were connected forming a protective wall, without any windows or exterior doors. Today the stone balconies and windows remain, that were built during the era of pirates.

The first house, together with the marble coat of arms built above the doorframe of each house, and the two chapels are some of the interesting features of this village. The chapels honor Agios Nikolaos and Taxiarchi (the Archangel), while they are both connected to each other and the hoses that are surrounding them.

But not only the village is worth seeing: Walking around Patrika one will discover a really beautiful view due to the scattered ancient stone built houses, the cozy corners with opened and closed shutters and the multiple colored attic windows. In addition, the plethora of reconstructed shells that conceal within their walls and art treasures such as pillars and fireplaces make it a worth while visit.

The village celebrates the festival of St. John on August 29th.