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There are daily ships available from Piraeus to Chios and from Chios to Piraeus all year round. Depending on the boat you take the trip takes approximately 4 - 8 hours and costs 20 - 40 Euro. The line is served by NEL Lines and some days also by CAN Ferries. From Chios you have also connection to Lesvos, Limnos and Northern Greece, i.e. Thessalonica, Kavala and Alexandropolis and the Cyclades (Tino, Siro, Mykono). You can book your tickets in one of many Tourists- offices or at the Harbor Master's Office of Piraeus (phone number: +30 210 4226000) or directly at the Navigation Company on Chios (phone number: +30 271 41319). In the summertime, trips to Piraeus and to other destinations are more frequent.

Chios island is also connected to Oinnousses daily, three times per week to Psara and twice  a week to Samos.

Finally, boat trips to Çe?me are available four times days a week. Çe?me is the most important port on the Turkish seashore and maintains a travel time of two hours by car from Izmir.

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Destinations from Chios:

Chios - Alexandroupoli

Chios - Mikonos

Chios - Rodes

Chios - Lemnos

Chios - Piraeus

Piraeus - Chios

Chios - Çe?me (Turkey)

Cesme - Chios

Chios - Lesbos (Mytilini)

Chios - Samos

Samos - Chios

Chios - Thessaloniki

Thessaloniki - Chios

Chios - Kavala

Chios - Psara

Psara - Chios

Volissos - Psara

Psara - Volissos

Chios - Inouses

Chios port information

Port authorities: tel: 00302710-44434

Port master: 00302710-4443

For more information visit: