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Aug 11
Last Updated on 02 November 2012


Spartounda is one of the mountainous villages of Pelineo, located 44 km from Chios city, right after Fyta on the road from Katavasi to Kambia. Its inhabitants are mostly cattle-raisers who herd their flock of goats and sheep to the neighboring grasslands of Pelineo and Amani.

One of the most characteristic features of this village is the amazing natural beauty of the forest surrounding it, as well as the abundant water that swells from the mountainsides. Therefore, many trekking lovers go to Spartounda to walk through some of the exciting natural tracks that originate from the village. The track 'Latomio - Tou angelou to Nero - Amithounda - top of mount Pelineo' is of outstanding beauty. The top of Mount Pelineo itself is the highest point of the whole island of Chios with 1.297 meters.